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Exploring the Comorbidity Between Mental Disorders and General Medical Conditions

Condition(s):Organic, Including Symptomatic, Mental Disorders; Substance Use; Schizophrenia; Mood [Affective] Disorders; Neurotic, Stress-related and Somatoform Disorders; Eating Disorder; Disorders of Adult Personality and Behavior; Mental Retardation; Disorder of Psychological Development; Behavioural Disorder; Hypertension; Dyslipidemias; Ischemic Heart Disease; Atrial Fibrillation; Heart Failure; Peripheral Occlusive Disease; Stroke; Diabetes Mellitus; Thyroid Disorder; Gout; Chronic Pulmonary Disease; Allergy; Chronic Gastritis; Chronic Liver Disease; Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; Diverticular Disease of Large Intestine; Chronic Kidney Diseases; Prostate Disorders; Connective Tissue Disorder; Osteoporosis; Pain; HIV/AIDS; Anemia; Cancer; Vision Disorders; Hearing Disorders; Migraine; Epilepsy; Parkinson Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; NeuropathyLast Updated:May 22, 2020Completed

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