Effect Of Using Oxygen On The Diaper Dermatitis In Infants


Background: Airing the diaper area has a positive effect on dermatitis. In addition, it is reported in the literature that oxygen is effective in wound care. The aim of our study is to investigate the effect of oxygen on infant diaper dermatitis. Method: The study population consisted of infants will admit to the neonatal intensive care unit of a public hospital in Istanbul between May 2022 and September 2022. Sixty newborns who met the study criteria will randomize and divide into two as the experimental (n=30) and control (n=30) groups. Personal data form and diaper dermatitis observation form will be used to obtain the data. All babies' diapers will be changed 8 times a day. Oxygen flow will be applied to the experimental group for one hour after each diaper change. The degree of diaper dermatitis will be evaluated every 24 hours.

Study Type

  • Study Type: Interventional
  • Study Design
    • Allocation: Randomized
    • Intervention Model: Parallel Assignment
    • Primary Purpose: Treatment
    • Masking: Double (Participant, Care Provider)
  • Study Primary Completion Date: December 15, 2022


  • Drug: Oxygen
    • After changing the diaper, free flow oxygen will be provided to the diaper area for 1 hour with an oxygen cannula placed inside the diaper (oxygen flow is Fio2, 5 L/min)

Arms, Groups and Cohorts

  • Experimental: Oxygen Group
    • After the baby’s diaper is changed, an oxygen hose placed inside the diaper will provide free oxygen flow to the diaper area. Oxygen will be applied for 1 hour at each diaper change at a flow rate of 5L/min and at a concentration of 21% FiO2 which is equivalent to room air.
  • No Intervention: Control Group
    • This group will only receive routine care: Diaper will be changed using disposable wet wipes and disposable baby diaper. A barrier cream containing 40% zinc oxide will be applied to the cleaned diaper area as a thin layer to cover the skin. Baby’s diaper change will be done 8 times a day, every three hours.

Clinical Trial Outcome Measures

Primary Measures

  • Diaper dermatitis healing scale result
    • Time Frame: 72 hours
    • Expecting to healing diaper dermatitis symptoms at the time of intervention

Participating in This Clinical Trial

Inclusion Criteria

  • Approved by the family for the study – Born between 34-42. gestational weeks – No skin disease other than diaper dermatitis – No skin lesions of another disease other than dermatitis-related lesions in the gland area – Newborns who has stable vital signs Exclusion Criteria:

  • Having a skin disease other than diaper dermatitis – Having a lesion on the skin due to another disease – Having a known skin allergy – Born before 34. gestational weeks – Having a gastrointestinal disease

Gender Eligibility: All

Minimum Age: N/A

Maximum Age: 28 Days

Are Healthy Volunteers Accepted: Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Investigator Details

  • Lead Sponsor
    • Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa
  • Provider of Information About this Clinical Study
    • Principal Investigator: Elif Dogan, Principal Investigator – Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa
  • Overall Official(s)
    • Elif Dogan, Principal Investigator, Researcher Assistant
  • Overall Contact(s)
    • elif dogan, +90 539 601 15 88, elifdogann18@gmail.com


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