Impact of Steroid, Diuretic, and Fluid Use on BPD Outcomes


Assess the impact of steroid, diuretic, and fluid practices on BPD outcomes in extreme premature infants in the Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix (BUMCP) neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Full Title of Study: “A Retrospective Chart Review Evaluating the Impact of Steroid, Diuretic, and Fluid Use Practice Trends in Extreme Premature Infants at Risk for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) at a Single Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”

Study Type

  • Study Type: Observational
  • Study Design
    • Time Perspective: Retrospective
  • Study Primary Completion Date: August 2023

Detailed Description

We propose performing a retrospective analysis of our current respiratory management methods to potentially find a correlation between the number of steroid doses administered, the timing of initiation of steroid therapy and the effect on premature infants at risk for developing BPD. We are also going to explore the number and timing of diuretic medications and average fluid intake.


  • Other: No interventions or procedures
    • This is a retrospective observational study and data will be collected from the subject’s existing medical record. No interventions or procedures will be required for this study.

Arms, Groups and Cohorts

  • Inclusion Group
    • Infants born at <30 weeks and/or <1500g that were admitted to BUMCP between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020

Clinical Trial Outcome Measures

Primary Measures

  • To assess the impact of steroid practices on BPD outcomes in these infants
    • Time Frame: 30 days
    • – The incidence of BPD stratified into three stages based on the type of support required at 36 weeks CGA
  • To assess the impact of steroid practices on BPD outcomes in these infants
    • Time Frame: 30 days
    • – Presence of prenatal steroid administration
  • To assess the impact of steroid practices on BPD outcomes in these infants
    • Time Frame: 30 days
    • – Administration of steroids to the infant

Secondary Measures

  • To determine if steroid use has an impact on infant growth
    • Time Frame: 30 days
    • – Collect growth and calculate the z-score at five intervals
  • To determine if steroid use has an impact on NICU length of stay (LOS)
    • Time Frame: 30 days
    • – NICU LOS in days

Participating in This Clinical Trial

Inclusion Criteria

  • Infants born at <30 weeks and/or <1500g – Admitted to BUMCP between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020 Exclusion Criteria:

  • Infants that do not survive to 36 weeks CGA, when the determination of BPD is made – Infants that are transferred to another hospital prior to 36 weeks CGA – Out born infants – Infants with life threatening congenital anomalies – Investigator discretion as to other factors which might impact the study

Gender Eligibility: All

Minimum Age: N/A

Maximum Age: N/A

Investigator Details

  • Lead Sponsor
    • Mednax Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety
  • Collaborator
    • Banner Health
  • Provider of Information About this Clinical Study
    • Sponsor
  • Overall Official(s)
    • Alejandra Valladolid, MD, Principal Investigator, Banner University Medical Center
  • Overall Contact(s)
    • Christine Wade, 602-703-9041,


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