Reliability and Validity of the Elderly Mobility Scale, French Version


This study evaluates the reliability of the French version of the "elderly mobility scale" and its correlation with the "frailty elderly scale "

Full Title of Study: “Reliability and Validity of the Elderly Mobility Scale for Frailty People Living at Home, French Version”

Study Type

  • Study Type: Observational
  • Study Design
    • Time Perspective: Prospective
  • Study Primary Completion Date: October 26, 2017

Detailed Description

The research question:

How to effectively measure the physical independence of the elderly at home and how, from this measure, the investigators can determine the fragility threshold of the elderly.

The elderly mobility scale measures the critical points of the patient's physical autonomy. This scale was developed in Great Britain. The purpose of this study is to establish the reliability of this French version scale and to study the correlation with the elderly scale fragility.

People are recruited by a Medical consultant. After consent, their frailty is measured and a prescription is done to see a Physical therapist. The physical therapist will evaluate the physical points measured/ mentioned in the Elderly Mobility Scale, twice in a week, with two different assessors.


  • Other: Elderly Mobility Scale
    • The Elderly Mobility Scale was devised to assess the mobility of fragile elderly people, and contains seven items considered as essential for performing the basic activities of the daily routine: Lying down to sitting, sitting to lying down, sitting to standing, standing, Gait/ work on body posture, timed walk (6 meters) and work on Functional Reach/movements?
  • Other: Frailty scale
    • 6 questions are asked to the person about his or her living conditions to determine the level of frailty. The scale is produced by the board “High Health Authority”

Clinical Trial Outcome Measures

Primary Measures

  • inter-rater Reliability
    • Time Frame: Time Frame: Up to One week
    • intraclass correlation coefficient with data : Elderly Mobility Scale score between rater one and rater two

Secondary Measures

  • Concurrent Validity
    • Time Frame: Time Frame: Up to One week
    • correlation coefficient between Elderly Mobility Scale and Frailty scale
  • sensibility and specificity
    • Time Frame: Time Frame: Up to One week
    • sensibility and specificity of Elderly Mobility Scale regarding Frailty
  • Receiver Operating Curve and cut-off score
    • Time Frame: Time Frame: Up to One week
    • Determination of a cut-off score for Elderly Mobility Scale as a screening tool to detect the frailty by use of Receiver Operating Characteristics curve

Participating in This Clinical Trial

Inclusion Criteria

  • living at home, more than 70 years old

Exclusion Criteria

  • current recovery for orthopaedic problems
  • Cognition impairment
  • all acute problems with an impairment of mobility

Gender Eligibility: All

Minimum Age: 70 Years

Maximum Age: N/A

Are Healthy Volunteers Accepted: Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Investigator Details

  • Lead Sponsor
    • Pole Santé Plouasne Saint Pern Becherel
  • Provider of Information About this Clinical Study
    • Sponsor


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